Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let your skin drink it in!

Plant distillates balance body, mind & spirit.
Organic plant essences balance your body, mind and spirit. 
Hydrosols, or distillates, are the co-product of steam distillation of plants to capture their volatile or essential oils.  As the oils are removed, the distillate remains and with it, the therapeutic nutrients of the plant and a small amount of essential oils.  
Hydrosols make excellent facial toners after cleansing, are refreshing to dry skin on a hot day, beautiful additions to a bath or an after shower spray and nourishing to freshly-washed hair.  Hydrosols are also sprayed on linens for sweet dreams but why indulge the sheets when your skin can drink it in?
Since hydrosols are less concentrated than essential oils, they are safer for use with children, pets and expectant or nursing mothers.

Some of the more common hydrosols available;

A romantic favourite.  Promotes sensuality and self-nurturing. Lovely for post-bath or a boudoir spray.  On the skin, rose is softening and nourishing to mature or sensitive skin.  Mist into hair for the gentle allure of rose, onto the face for hydrating aromatherapy.  Rose is one of the most powerful plants for 4th chakra and issues of self-love, forgiveness and emotions of the heart. Rose is unique in that it is cooling and therefore decreases excess pitta, yet it also enhances agni, the digestive fire, making it beneficial for all 3 doshas.

A calming classic.  Mist linens for sweet dreams or spray directly on skin after bath.  Soothes minor skin irritation like sunburns, bug bites, rashes, eczema and scrapes.  Nourishing after-shower spray for the hair.  Spritz onto the face and inhale for a calming break any time of day.  Soak a cloth in lavender hydrosol and apply to the forehead for relief of headaches.  Use with 7th chakra to promote peace, calm and oneness, aligning all energy centres of the body and to decrease excess pitta and vata.

Neroli (orange blossom)
Sweet sedative.  Mist face and body with neroli hydrosol and slip into the sheets.  Aphrodisiac and deeply relaxing, this spray is ideal for nighttime! As a facial toner, neroli hydrosol is good for all skin types, purifying and balancing skin.  Also beneficial for work with 4th and 2nd chakras as well as decreasing excess pitta.

Melissa (lemon balm)
Soothing friend.  In times of grief or stress, melissa hydrosol is soothing to the nerves.  Mist the face throughout the day and inhale the lemony scent to relieve stress and receive comfort.
Use with 4th chakra and to decrease kapha and pitta.

Hydrosols should be kept in a cool place away from sunlight and may even be refrigerated.

The content provided on this site is meant to inform not diagnose or treat specific health conditions.  Consult a physician if pregnant, nursing, have a current health condition or are on medication, before using herbs or essential oils.

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